Customer Service Tips and Tales: In a Bookstore

I was in a highly popular bookstore a few weekends ago and was buying a few things here and there. I thought I would only buy a few items but suddenly had the urge to look more books over -- to give away as gifts this Christmas.

Since I wasn't planning to buy a lot, I did not get any cart or basket. As I shopped though, I realized that my hands were so full I could hardly move around or look through more stuff.

A salesgirl was fixing some books on the shelves nearby and I asked: "Miss, meron ba kayong basket?"

To which she replied very quickly: "Ay, nandoon po sa harap." Having said that, she returned to what she was doing.

As for me, I didn't get the basket way up front and so that was the end of the shopping expedition. What was the ideal reply? My ideal salesgirl would have said: "Ikuha ko po kayo ng basket sa harap. Hintay lang po kayo dito..." Then again, that only happens in a dream bookstore.

From time to time, I shall now be writing about my experiences as a customer and how the ideal store personnel might have reacted. Stay tuned.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, October 24, 2005]

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