Birth Day

My 9-year old son celebrated his birthday recently and I really can't believe how fast he has grown. My husband and I have grown older too -- as evidenced by our energy levels which can't seem to keep up with the kids.

I told Adi that I shared his birthday. He looked at me, in disbelief and said: "But your birthday is finished." I then went on to explain that it was also my birth day as that was the day that I gave birth to him. 9 years ago... Imagine that? What's surprising is I can still remember how it went -- complete with all the pain.

Kids grow up so fast these days. They're kids one day and gone the next. I don't know why but somewhere towards the age of 8, the kid just seems to disappear. Para bang invasion of the body snatcher. I kind of miss those days when Adi thought that having me around (never mind if we didn't really do anything for as long as we were together) was the best thing in the world. Oh no... am turning to those (gulp!) older parents who reminisce about their kids in their old age. Yikes! As they say: "Nostalgia is the kingdom of the old."

Still, we have no other choice but to let go, step back -- and watch our children build the lives that they choose. We can talk to them, get angry, but in the end, we all just really pray for whatever is best for them.

I wonder how old Ali will be when she starts to go her own way. I was telling Adi that this is his last single-digit year and that next year, he will be a TEN-AGER. I wonder how that will turn out.

Speaking of birthdays, we had some yummy food during our birthday celebration -- food that you may want to try out. One is an "old reliable" -- in the sense that we have enjoyed her food all these years while the other is a new discovery -- which turned out okay. If you are in search of yummy food, check out the following:

1. Mom's and Tina's -- we ordered Chicken Alexander, Corned Beef Macaroni, Mango Kani Salad, and Turtle Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. You can order anything from their menu and it is sure to be good. Have no fear! Chocolate cake, butter cake (with icing, please), prune cake -- anything. All orders must be placed about 2 days before pick up date. You may call 914-08-33 and look for Grace. They are located at FRDC Bldg., 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Ugong Pasig City. That's the same place where Panciteria San Jacinto is.

2. Dulcelin Gourmet Specialties -- read about them in a newspaper once as having the best mango torte. Tried it out yesterday and it was pretty good. Lots of mangoes on a thin, crispy/chewy (a contrast right?) crust which is not too sweet. Also ordered the chap chae, very tasty at maraming sahog. You can call 374-21-65 and look for Linda or Lina. They are at 36 Times St. at West Triangle Quezon City. You have to pick up the food also. Please order a day in advance to be sure.

Happy birthday to Adi. Happy birth day to me. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, October 13, 2005]

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