Close-Up Toothpaste: Choco Loco

Ever had problems with your kids and their brushing their teeth? I don't know about you, but usually, after the novelty of brushing teeth wears off, you'll have to keep reminding your kids over and over to go and brush their teeth (boys, especially).

My kids regularly use Hapee toothpaste -- the one with cookie monster on the box. Quite recently, though, to my surprise, Adi, my 8-year old requested that I buy him Close-up Toothpaste's Choco Loco flavor. Since when did Close-up shift from appealing to just teens to appealing to our kids?

Anyway, I did go out and buy a tube of Choco Loco toothpaste. My kids are now using it and when you say time for Choco Loco, they go to the bathroom and brush their teeth in a jiffy. I'm using it myself now and it has very slight mint choco taste.

Speaking of Loco, here's a song that I heard over the radio (over Ali Sotto's and Arnold Clavio's Dobol A sa Dobol B) early this morning which is too cute not to repeat here. It refers to the walk-out by Bunye yesterday and is performed to the tune of Sta. Clara, pinong-pino...

"Toting Bawi ay nag walk-out
Nang si Golez ay nag-doubt.
Pag balik niya ay nag I'm sorry
Manang-mana kay Glory."

Happy weekend!

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, October 7, 2005]

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