Holding On

Don't hold your breath -- as you wait for PGMA to resign -- you might turn blue in the face. From the little that I know of Gloria and from what I have learned in Psychology class years ago, am of the opinion that she will not step down. It's just not in her personality.

What a difference a day makes, don't you think? I didn't have access to a computer last Friday so the dizzying turn of events that time was something I couldn't comment on. Must really be tough to be president. It didn't help the situation any too that the cabinet members who left are either those who have been closely identified with the president since the start (e.g. Soliman, Boncodin) and those from the private sector (e.g. Santos, Purisima) who are looked upon positively by the businessmen. Parayno has been able to move the BIR forward and Butch Abad at the Dep Ed wasn't too bad too. So, who are left with Gloria?

I was getting a massage yesterday afternoon when Aling Rosie, our long-time masahista asked: "Ano bang tingin mo sa mga nangyayari sa buhay natin ngayon?" Not a really relaxing question but the following words tumbled out of my mouth: "Pasasaan ba at bubuti din ang lahat. Wala nang isasama pa ang sitwasyon..."

I also remember that when I was in a training workshop in KL a few weeks ago, one of our Indonesian colleagues asked me the question: "How is President Arroyo? Still in power? " My answer: "Well, the last time I checked, she was still in power..." My Indonesian colleague smiled. I should be careful what I say...

So, are you now chanting "Gloria, resign..."? I'm not. I'd rather she finish her term till 2010. (That's quite a statement for someone who did not even vote for her.) All these Edsas are getting to be a bad habit. My father-in-law hit it right on the head last weekend when he said that the Philippines was a unique (or did he say funny?) country -- we remove our presidents from office for reasons like: 1) hindi binuksan ang brown envelope 2) Nag-sorry. I agree with PGMA that we cannot just have Edsa 3, 4, 5 -- but I also hope that come 2010, everyone will choose their presidential bets more carefully.

I tell you the choice of song of "If We Hold On Together" was a bad one from the start. As you can see, things are starting to fall apart...

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, July 11, 2005]

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