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Hello viloria readers! Sorry for that relatively long lull -- I can assure you, I haven't personally taken up the task of looking for Garci. I have much better things to do...

The kids are back to school, with my 3- year old daughter Ali attending pre-school for the very first time. Having 2 kids in school now -- makes the days busier.

I was out for training in Kuala Lumpur (yes, KL again!) from June 21-25. I should be able to write some information or entries about this latest trip so do stay tuned.

After I came back, I was sick -- cough, colds, fever -- the works! Was down from June 26-28 and saw my office desk again June 29 na. You can just imagine what I had to catch up with after my return.

So, that explains the long absence from angelhouser. Anyway, I hope that my writing becomes a little more regular again. The days zip by so fast and I think I am badly in need of a break! I would pay gladly for a couple of hours more of sleep each night and am at a "wondering if I can finally rest when I am 60 phase".

So, what do you guys think of the continuing Garci-PGMA saga? I don't think too much of it (to keep me sane) -- although I thought the entire Cabinet breaking out into song a few days after was just a tad tacky. "If we hold on together"? The lyrics of the song are inspiring but I guess whoever thought of that idea forgot that that was the song of a group of dinosaurs and of course, we know, that dinosaurs are extinct today. Of course, one day, we shall all be extinct. Una-unahan lang yan. :-)

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, July 4, 2005]

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