Abat Talaga Naman...Alan naman yan! (The Wiretapping Controversy)

I must be careful about what I write. Imagine, if the president can be wiretapped, what about us lesser mortals? Kidding aside (although this situation is starting to feel like one big joke), things are getting pretty tiring around here.

Retired General Fortunato Abat wants Gloria to step down and he says he will take over. Alan Paguia, former counsel of President Erap, suspended by the Supreme Court, has released audio tapes (original? fake? tampered? spliced? -- things have gotten so confusing)where we supposedly hear President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (might that not be just Ate Glow?) talking to Election Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano about election fraud.

I am no fan of PGMA -- I think I have made that clear several times over here on this website. I never voted for her -- not as senator, vice president, nor president. My main contribution to her being in power is probably having gone to the corner of Ortigas and Edsa during Edsa 2. I have learned to live with that mistake. It's time everyone did too.

Don't you get the feeling that somehow our country is allergic to progress? Just as we achieve a bit of momentum to go forward, some new scandal comes up. I have had it with calls for changes in government. Just wait for 2010. Just wait for your turn. In my 38 years of existence, I have seen several changes in government (through the ballot or through protests) and I have learned that only the names and faces change but the problems remain the same. Let us not delude ourselves by thinking that by sending PGMA away, our problems will go away too. We sent Erap away. Isn't that how we ended up with PGMA?

Jueteng. Corruption. Betrayal of public trust? What else is new? It's like saying we should abolish politicians altogether. I have stopped looking at government and government officials too seriously. They provide me with entertainment value and "small talk" material but that's just about it. Let us just move on and quit aiming for Edsa 4, 5, or 6. Changing governments in midstream does not really work -- and we all know it.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, June 8, 2005]

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