Kuala Lumpur Trip: The KLCC Park and Petronas Twin Towers (Again)

We visited the KLCC Park at past 10am and it was very hot. Still, the kids enjoyed themselves. There was a playground, fountains, something like a mini-waterfalls, and a pool where children can actually play, wade, and swim if they had the proper attire. It was a huge amount of space where children can just run around and have fun.

We stayed there for about an hour while killing time as we waited for our Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge visit.

We lined up for our free tickets to go up to the 41st Floor Skybridge at about 10am and got tickets for 12:15pm. We went through the usual film showing (of how the Towers were built) before going up to enjoy the view from up there and to take photos at the Skybridge.

After our 10 minute stay at the Skybridge, we passed by the contraption where a machine scans your height and compares it with the tallest structures in the world. The Petronas Twin Towers, for example, is 267x Daddy Manuel's height and 353x Adi's. We tried to put Ali near the machine but it seems her height could not be read at all. Maybe when she's older and taller.

Coming Next: Petrosains Discovery Center

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, May 19, 2005]

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