Singapore Trip: Dinner at Red House Seafood -- East Coast Park

There won't be a lot of food information for this trip series. One, I didn't eat too well as I always had Ali on my lap or something. Two, I didn't get to write things down soon enough so I have forgotten. Anyway, I will write about whatever it is that I do remember.

As proof that I didn't eat too well, I actually lost a pound during the entire trip. To think that I haven't exercised for about two weeks too. Am now in my "recovering from my vacation" mode. By Monday, I should be back to my regular sked, my exercise, and my diet too.

One of the meals I enjoyed (never mind if I had Ali on my lap and had to feed her too) was dinner at Red House Sea Food at East Coast Park in Singapore. My brother Al and his family treated us to an early dinner before we went on to the Night Safari. What did we have? We had crispy squid (truly crispy, tasty with a sweetish-spicy flavor and with just the right amount of wetness but still crispy); very fresh steamed shrimp; crab with black pepper (instead of chili crab); veggies; fried rice with salted fish; duck; and bread which was hard and sweetish on the outside but quite soft inside.

We didn't have a reservation and the place was quite packed, with too many reserved tables. Good thing we came early so we were able to take over a "reserved" table for the meantime. We were out quite quickly though as we were going with the kids to the Night Safari. More on this next week. Have a good weekend. :-)

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, May 13, 2005]

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