Valentine Gift Ideas

Where did January go? Yup, the month of January is over (so quickly) and Valentine is upon us. It's funny but I remember that I was at the mall shortly after Christmas and National Bookstore's display was suddenly filled with hearts. Talk about going on to the next occasion. In a few more days, we'll see togas and diplomas for sure.

So Valentine's is about 12 days away. You can search stores and even the net for the usual flower arrangements, cards, stuffed toys, and chocolates. You may want to consider other things though for your wife, your mother, or any other important woman in your life. Ladies are kind of lucky this time of the year as men are largely assumed to do more of the giving. What else might you give the ladies?

1. A vacation - if you haven't started making arrangements for a short trip come Valentine's, it may be a little difficult to target a trip on the day itself. You can always delay your trip a bit though for that get-away to Bangkok (may bird flu pa ba?) or even good old Hong Kong. Surprise your wife by making all the arrangements yourself and just handing her all the travel documents so she can start packing.

2. Gift check to a spa -- women are stressed out, day in, day out - mothers and wives especially. Treat her to a massage, a foot spa, or whatever relaxation package you think she may enjoy.

3. Magazine subscription -- what are your wife's or girlfriend's interests? Get her a magazine subscription which will allow her to read up on these. For me, I'd appreciate travel magazines anytime - local or foreign (hint!hint!).

4. Books -- buy her something which you think she'll enjoy reading. Fiction, self-help, travel, spiritual -- your only limit will be determining whether you know your partner well enough to make an educated choice. For moms and wives, books which can be read a bit at a time may help -- given their super busy schedules.

5. A day-off -- you may be short on cash so just give your wife the day off. Give her a 16 hour day where she can do as she likes and not mind your kids' studies, take care of the food, etc., etc., etc. Ang daming etc. ano? You can fill in for her for her regular duties and chores on that one day.

Well, it is Valentine's soon and so may I wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day in advanced. May the gift of true love, more than anything else, fill your life everyday. God bless.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, February 2, 2005]

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