Board Games for the Family: The Game of Life by Milton Bradley

After Christmas, we visited Toy Kingdom at SM Megamall to buy some toys for us with our Christmas money. We got the board game, The Game of Life by Milton Bradley, for ages 9 and up and for 2 to 6 players.

The instructions can be quite confusing -- so many things to consider and so many rules to remember -- from choosing a career, to getting a loan, to buying stuff, etc., etc. The Game of Life nga e - so did we expect it to be easy?

It's an interesting game as you can choose to start a career or go through college; you have the opportunity to buy a house (with always two houses to choose from - different features, different price points); have kids (over which you have no control -- it happens when you land on certain spots on the board) or get married; draw your salary, etc., etc. I've played the game several times and am convinced that it's more fun to play with kids (those who haven't gone through much of life yet) than with adults.

I played with my kid and my nephews and nieces (aged 8 to 13) and watching them interact was very enjoyable. 11-year old nephew was making fun of 13-year old nephew's choice of house (a cheap mobile home). The thirteen year-old's response: "You're living on the streets boy!" -- as his younger brother didn't have the chance to buy any house just yet. As we play the game, we have different colored tiny cars to move around the board with and these have tiny holes which you can put tiny people in - should you get married or have kids. Sometimes, you land on a space which tells you that you have twins and of course, you get to choose the sex (parang hindi na life, ano?). My 13-year old nephew who had twins, upon being asked, what combination of kids he wanted said: "Girl and boy, para may away." (Girl and boy so there will be a fight). The same nephew wails after he realizes he has 4 kids (and that his car is full) -- "I'll grow poor from paying for tuition..."

The object of the game is to retire with the most money. Managing or growing your personal funds will depend on the salary card you draw, the properties you are able to buy, life tiles that you get to draw so there is also an element of luck, among others. It's a fun game to play and is a welcome break from X-box, Gameboy, or TV. Maybe someone should come up with The Game of the AfterLife -- with the object of the game being entering heaven first. Now that, should be more interesting.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, January 26, 2005]

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