Affordable Christmas Gifts: SweetBlessings Chocolates

I have always admired people with entrepreneurial spirit so as you may have seen, I take time out to write about them in the hope that more people will read about them and help them out with their business. If you are looking for affordable food gifts to give away, this Christmas, you may want to consider SweetBlessings chocolates, made by my officemate who is a full-time employee and a part-time college student.

She sells dark or white chocolate in various shapes (e.g. bear, bonbon), with various fillings like mallows, rice krispies, or cookies and cream. She sells in boxes of 8 or 12, depending on the item you order.

She also does some other chocolates, which you can buy per piece, as follows: Christmas tree, Christmas bell, Flower, Feet, Bear Stick, and Choco Lolly. This should be great to give away to kids, secretaries of doctors, etc., etc.

Her prices are very reasonable. She will deliver if you order at least P350 worth, though only in Metro Manila. Her chocolates will last 3 months at room temperature. She needs two days' advanced notice for orders.

For inquiries on specific prices or for orders, please contact SweetBlessings at +63 9205852455.

Happy eating! Happy giving! May your Christmas be sweet.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 26, 2004]

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