Masses for our Dearly Departed - Philippine Jesuit Aid Association

November 1-2 is fast approaching and as usual, we will take time off from our busy schedules to pay our respects to those who have gone on ahead. One way by which we can help their souls would be to offer masses for them.

I got a form from my son's school from Philippine Jesuit Aid Association. You can give them the first names of your departed loved ones and they will offer the following:

* Two masses in Sacred Heart Novitiate and in Loyola House of Studies every day in November.

* Two masses for your special intentions every Monday in November.

* Throughout November, by remembrance in a special way in the Masses and prayers of Jesuits in the Philippines, New York, and Maryland.

You may call them at +632 563-52-86 or 563-52-90. You may also fax them your requests at +632 563-13-02. They will receive your requests even if you do not give any offering but do keep in mind that any amount that you voluntarily give will help support the Jesuit Seminarians, Priests, and Brothers.

You may also write them at 2307 Pedro Gil St. 1009 Sta Ana or at P.O. Box 1512, 1099 Manila.

God bless all of us - living and dead.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, October 21, 2004]

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