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We've been receiving mail lately from visitors to this site. I meant to respond personally and directly but due to some computer glitch, some of my newer e-mails have disappeared. So here are my replies. I apologize for not remembering your names nor your e-mail addresses but I am grateful for your messages.

To our kababayan in London: Thank you very much for your mail on Kawasaki and Bullying. I do appreciate it that people whom I have not even met face to face are concerned enough about Ali to include her in their prayers and to get in touch with us. Thanks a lot! I wish your family well and may your kid be free from any and all sort of bullying.

To our cookie entrepreneur: We are glad that you appreciate the bazaar information we have put up. We wish you all the best with your crispy oats cookie venture. Do let us know at which bazaars you will be participating. We might be able to drop by and try out your product personally.

To the gal from Malaybalay: You are probably the fourth or fifth person from Malaybalay who has written me about that page. Thank you for referring your friends to that page when they ask you where Malaybalay is. It truly is a wonderful place that people, Pinoys especially, should know about.

To our visitors, known or unknown to us, please keep your e-mail coming. As soon as my computer is fixed, I hope to reply to you more formally. To the readers referred to above, I would welcome e-mail again from you so I can note your names and addresses and keep in touch.

Keep writing!

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, September 24, 2004]

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