Moon Day Entry: Sermon at Christ the King (Catholic Church)

There's a new priest in our parish by the name of Fr. Dennis Soriano. He delivers pretty good sermons and we have asked his permission to share these with you so his reflections on the mass readings can reach a bigger group of people. We learned yesterday that he has been a priest for 5 years and we hope that as he stays longer in the priesthood -- his sermons only get better.

Two Sundays ago, the Gospel was about entering the "narrow gate." He then went on to discuss or share with us the KEY to opening the narrow gate. What is the key?

K: Knowledge of the faith - we should take effort to know more about our faith - by reading the Bible, by asking questions, by trying to understand God's teachings.

E: Exercise your faith - we should strive to live like Jesus and apply whatever knowledge we have gained.

Y: "YES" to Jesus everyday - we should keep in mind to follow Jesus even in the little things in life -- be honest, helpful, etc., etc.

Yesterday, on the other hand, the theme of his sermon was on real humility. What is the essence of real humility?

1. Knowing what we have and what we can do and to use whatever we have in genuine service of others.

2. Knowing what we do not have and what we cannot do. This will allow us to truly trust in God for an earnest prayer can only come from a humble heart. We will likewise be able to admit that we may need help from other people.

3. Knowing what we have or what we do not have, what we can and cannot do - should result in an attitude of gratitude. We must realize that all we have and all that we are, comes from God and that everything in life are graces/gifts. Knowing this, we will never be boastful.

And so, may we use this week to find the KEY to the narrow gate and may we do all this in real humility.

If you wish to listen to the streaming audio version of the Fr. Dennis Soriano's Augusut 29 homily or sermon on humility, try the audio button below (Flash required):

Aug 29, 2004 Sermon (Fr Dennis Soriano)

Speaking of service, I have been in touch with Caritas Manila regarding their Lumang Gamit Mo, Bagong Buhay Ko Program. You may call 563-93-11 and look for Jenny Lacsamana. They will accept clothes, books, and everything and anything. They are willing to pick up your donations. Call now and be of service to those in need. Have a great week!

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, August 30, 2004]

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