Moon Day Entry: Kick Out the What-About-Me Syndrome

"Angelo de la Cruz is home..." So went the first part of President Gloria Arroyo's SONA or State of the Nation Address just about an hour ago. Looks like it will be quite awhile till Angelo de la Cruz gets his wish of regaining his privacy back. It will probably take awhile, at least until the next big issue comes up.

This whole Angelo de la Cruz incident is the perfect example of all things having a positive and a negative side. For Angelo de la Cruz, he was almost beheaded at one point. He has survived the ordeal though and came home to a welcome that he probably never expected in his wildest dreams. Now, everyone in the Philippines (even my 7-year old son) knows who Angelo de la Cruz is. He has since received a new house, will receive a plot of land, will be employed, and his son will have his blind eye treated. It is hard to classify the whole situation then as more of a blessing or a curse.

As for the other Filipinos, I am sure most of us prayed that Angelo would be saved. We didn't think much about the means -- all we wanted was for him to return safely home to his family. No sooner than Angelo's returning home though, I started to hear comments on radio about other OFWs complaining about the treatment that Angelo was getting as compared to the treatment they were getting. To an extent, they thought it was unfair that Angelo was getting all of the attention, all of the perks -- while they didn't have anything.

Well, such is life. Life isn't fair. We all take whatever life gives us and shouldn't concern ourselves with how much better other people have it. We all play the roles that are handed to us and should try to play it happily, wholeheartedly. Have a good week everyone.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, July 26, 2004]

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