Child Book Review 1: Herman the Helper by Robert Kraus

Starting this week, as often as I can, I will try to review 1 kiddie book a week. I got to look at our book shelf at home and decided that all those books can be used as writing material for the web. Anyway, parents out there, watch out for our kiddie book reviews weekly. It may just push you to get hold of another book for your kids! And I'm sure that all of us agree that reading beats X-box, Playstation, or Gameboy anytime.

Our book for this week is Herman the Helper by Robert Kraus, with pictures by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? It's about a helpful, small octopus named Herman who finds himself lending a hand (okay, eight tentacles...) to different creatures in different situations. He helps his relatives, his friends, and even his enemies.

WHAT'S GOOD ABOUT THIS BOOK? I have two kids (one aged almost 8 now and another turning 3) and both of them liked this book when they were at the 2-5 age range. The book is not text-heavy so parents looking for a fast read when they are sleepy at night will find this book a welcome treat. I suppose the appeal with kids lies more in the pictures - what with the bright, cute drawings of all sorts of sea creatures.

WHAT DO OUR KIDS LEARN? This book shows kids the joy that comes from being able to help others. Herman may just be a small octopus but he took pride in being of assistance to anyone and everyone. I suppose no one is ever too small to be of help or to be useful if one has a genuine concern for others. Also, the book reminds us in the end that aside from helping others, we must also be ready to help ourselves. So Herman is one helpful and independent creature!

That's it for our first and short book review. Till next week. Meanwhile, tomorrow, hopefully we can begin our series on the "not too common" yet "not uncommon" Kawasaki Disease. We go health this time... Stay tuned.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, July 22, 2004]

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