Moon Day Entry: Raining Blessings

The rainy season appears to have started early here in the Philippines. We are not yet into the month of June (which I've always thought as the official start of the rainy season) and already we have had typhoons Dindo and another one, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

Rains can bring floods and devastation but they can also bring blessings. As in life, we sometimes are faced with "unwanted situations" which in the end, we realize, are for the best or have made us better people.

When I was in Korea, it rained a lot. It was a damper as during our free time (which was not much), we couldn't really go around. It rained Friday and it rained Saturday. I stayed at a hotel about an hour away from the convention center where the sessions were held. There was regular shuttle service so it wasn't a problem.

Sunday, I was supposed to go to mass at 7:30pm. Because of the schedule of events, the last shuttle from the convention center to my hotel on Sunday was at 6:10pm. That meant I would have to take a taxi, by myself, at night - and pay for it.

The shuttles on Sunday would run from a stadium to the hotels as there was a cultural event there until 9:30pm. Now because of the rains days before the event, which I didn't like, there was a last-minute change in venue. The cultural event was moved from the stadium to the convention center that Sunday. So, because of the rains, I had free shuttle service back to my hotel till 10pm!

Talk about God using events I didn't like to lay the groundwork for everything working out in the end. To this day, am amazed how my transportation problem was solved and with no effort on my part. So, may you all have a good, sunny week ahead. If the rains come, don't fret too much. There's a divine plan in the works.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, May 24, 2004]

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