It Ain't Over Till It's Over

If you read the local papers today, you'd notice that most people (presidential candidates, analysts, columnists, among others) have reduced the number of candidates for the forthcoming Philippine presidential elections to two: PGMA and FPJ. That is not accurate. There are 4 other candidates out there, Raul Roco and Eddie Gil included, and there are six (I repeat, six) options available to anyone and everyone.

Reducing the presidential derby to just two candidates is most likely a ploy of the PGMA camp. The motivation here is "fear." Afraid of an FPJ presidency? Then you must cast your vote for PGMA. A vote for Roco, Lacson, Villanueva and throw in, even Eddie Gil, is a boost to FPJ's campaign.

As soon as I heard over the radio that Roco was going to the US for medical treatment, I tried to think of whom I would vote for if he withdraws from the race. Brother Eddie and even Ping Lacson crossed my mind - but they still weren't acceptable. To date, am inclined to still vote for Raul Roco, in the race or NOT. I'm not the type who votes for the candidate most likely to win. I'm not the type who will vote for someone else just to prevent someone else from winning. I will vote for whom I think should be given the chance to do the job.

The Roco camp, however, should be more transparent. What is he suffering from? Sounds serious to me. Otherwise, why would he leave in the middle of the campaign? Also, why go to the US at all? Can't local doctors handle it here? And why can't they give his condition a name? How do they know it's not debilitating when he is still to undergo tests?

Whatever it is, it's still not a two-way race. Some Roco voters may shift choices - they are free to do that. Do I believe the surveys where Roco is a poor third? I haven't been surveyed. And how many people do they interview in a survey anyway?

There is more to the coming elections than PGMA and FPJ, contrary to what the two would have you believe. And don't you forget that.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, April 15, 2004]

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