Moon Day Entry No. 4: A Friendly Reminder

Here's something I came across which serves as a good reminder on how to live our lives daily. Not easy but worth the try.

The author was not identified in the notebook where I had found it:

"I would be true for there are those who trust me,
I would be pure for there are those who care,
I would be brave for there is much to suffer,
I would be strong for there is much to dare,
I would be friend of all, the foe and friendless,
I would be giving and forget the gift,
I would be humble for I know my weakness,
I would look up and laugh and live."

Have a good week all of you. The above just reminds me of what my boss once said though: "Humility is a virtue that once you know you have it, you have lost it." Well, we know what the above means. Cheers!

[Link Update: I Would Be True by Howard A. Walter and S. Ralph Harlow]

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, January 26, 2004]

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