On HairStyles, Floral Shirts, and First Ladies

Stayed up late last night again to catch GMA 7's show Bio-Data where they featured Brother Eddie Villanueva this time. I missed Ping's (the first one) but caught Roco's (last week's show). Three episodes down, two more to go (I think) and my mom is just waiting for FPJ's turn.

I'm quite happy that GMA has come up with this program although considering the time that it is shown (11pm?), I bet you we'll have a bunch of better-informed insomniacs. Can't they put something like this on primetime? Oh no. That time is reserved for more serious stuff like telenovelas, inane sitcoms - and I'm not just talking about GMA here. Look through all the channels and it would be very hard to find something on primetime worth watching.

And as the state of media goes, so go our politics. Last night, I found myself commenting on how Brother Eddie should try and do something about his hair. In the Philippines, image is very important when it comes to being elected president. Who your wife or husband is also counts a lot. Of all the presidential candidates, I think Ping's wife is the prettiest.

Pardon my superficial comments but am just going with the flow of things. People get elected just because they're popular. We seldom look beyond the surface anyway. Shows like BioData can give us bits and pieces of information - and although I can't put a handle on it, after I watch the show - I still don't know much about each candidate. Anyway, something is better than nothing. So on with the show...

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, January 21, 2004]

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