Why We Care to Watch Lord of the Rings

My expectations were quite high having read all those glowing reviews. And with high expectations, come some disappointment. Not that I was also looking for Liv Tyler (more like Aragorn...), but it seems that from LOTR 1, my enjoyment just got reduced and reduced.

I suppose three years is just too long to wait for the outcome of one story. I suppose three hours is just too long for one movie. It did feel like more than three hours to me - particularly since we watched around lunchtime. Add to that the fact that we had to line up for about 45 minutes or so. There were a few good moments and scenes (New Zealand just looks so good!) but I'm just glad the wait is finally over.

Was it really the story that kept you hooked? I think it was more the "social" aspect of it. We all knew that a lot of people will be watching this movie or these movies. They will be talked about in media, by your officemates, by your classmates. Could we afford to be left out and not know what everyone was talking about? Could you stand not being part of those usual conversations when people who have all seen the movie talk about, uh, the movie?

Relationships. Relating. That's what this is all about. Fellowship nga, di ba? That's what's truly ... "Precious..." Right, Gollum?

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[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, January 13, 2004]

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