The Carmelite Monastery, Bukidnon

There's mass here at 6:20am daily - which is more manageable than the much earlier mass at the Monastery of the Transfiguration. Plus the Carmelites sing so simply but well - I can still hear their "Do not be afraid I am with you... I love you, you are mine."

The atmosphere here is very much like Baguio. Very relaxing, cool, and quiet. To get to the monastery itself, you'll have to follow a narrow, winding road. By the time you get to the top where the monastery is, my phone has lost its signal. I suppose you don't need a cell phone to commune with God.

The first time we went to hear mass, as we were approaching a bend in the road, we saw a most beautiful sight - an early morning ray of sunshine illuminating the surroundings. I meant to take a photo but there was a truck right behind us and stopping to take a photo meant possibly infuriating the truck driver and we didn't want to risk that.

The next day, we came back earlier, hoping to do some picture-taking. I had finished all my film though the previous day but my boss still had lots. The day was foggy though and there was no ray of sunshine anymore. The scene was not to be repeated.

Oh well, I was all out of film anyway. Reminds us to enjoy each moment as it comes for we never know if it will be repeated. And I probably don't need a photo to remember that scene. Eyes closed or open, I can see it in my mind. God did make such a beautiful world.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 21, 2003]

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