Yet Another Law to Break or Disregard?

The Smoking Ban Law is barely a few days old. Last Sunday though, I was in one of the malls in the Ortigas area. We caught The Hulk at Cinema 5 (check the papers, quick! Which mall?) and right after we came out, I saw not one, not two... but three people smoking.

I thought smoking wasn't allowed in public places anymore? It has often been said that the Philippines is not lacking in laws. It's in the implementation or enforcement that greater resolve is needed.

I hate it when people smoke in public places. It makes me want to turn green with anger. As one of my professors in college said: "Your right to smoke ends where my nose begins."

Calling on the proper authorities and mall management - can we take this smoking ban more seriously? Otherwise, let's just scrap the law altogether...

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, July 1, 2003]

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