Ever wonder why it's so difficult for Pinoys to follow traffic lights? That's because it's the MMDA traffic enforcers who teach us not to.

How many times have you come across MMDA people who tell you to go when the light is red and stop you when the light is green? And they wonder why traffic is so bad? Maybe we should scrap all the traffic lights instead?

I was at Roxas Blvd., corner Gil Puyat when some bright MMDA people decided not to follow the traffic light. As a result, we missed about 4-5 of our turn to finally go since by the time it got to be our turn, the intersection was already clogged. In the meantime, the cars from all the other directions kept going and going while the cars behind me had drivers who were fuming. And then the horns went wild - the MMDA finally worried that they might get run over then allowed us to go - even if the intersection was still clogged. So, what was the rationale of having asked us to wait in the first place?

Which brings me to the issue of color-coding. Can we just bring it back? Traffic has been so bad this week that average travel time of people has lengthened by about 30 minutes. What do we need 3 weeks for?

Oh well, that's my MMDA for you. MMDA no longer stands for Metro Manila Development Authority. That's Men Making Drivers Angry from now on.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, February 7, 2003]

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