Maligayang Pasko; My Prayer to Saint Josemaria

Today marks the first day of simbang gabi (dawn masses). So in the next 9 days till December 24, Catholics will troop to churches for masses which start as early as 4:30 or 5am as a way of preparing for Christmas. The air will be cool and after, there's hot tea, bibingka, or puto bumbong.

Christmas is the perfect time for prayer. Actually, any day or any time is perfect. My 80+ aunt who's based in the US, sent my kids the following prayer. It's a good prayer for kids so here goes:

My Prayer to Saint Josemaria:

Dear God, Saint Josemaria loved you a lot and he also loved us childred a lot. I would like to love you as much as he did and to make you happy.

I want to help to make the world more beautiful and to make people happier.

I would like to think of you always: when I get up and when I go to sleep, when I am studying and when I am playing.

I want to obey my parents, to be kind to my brothers and sisters, and to pay attention in school.

I want to share happily the things I have and to have a pure heart.

But alone I cannot do these things.

Dear God, Saint Josemaria is very close to you in Heaven and so he will help me to be good.

He will also be my intercessor, for I have a favor to ask you: (my request).

My Guardian Angel, help me too.


[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, December 16, 2002]

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