Re-learning our ABCs

We were at First Friday mass early this morning and I'd like to thank the priest for my entry today. During his sermon, he talked about change and how we get less open to this as we age. Change, in anything, can be quite threatening. Exciting, perhaps, but some fear or doubt always surfaces. The priest then gave a way by which we can cope better with changes. And all it takes is for us to remember our ABCs.

A - Acceptance that change is a part of life.
B - Belief in a God Who is ever present in our lives
C - Confidence in our ability to handle change, confidence in our God.

So, be like a child. Happy, carefree. Fully-reliant on your Father. Relaxed enough even in the midst of changes. Asleep even as you sail in the midst of a stormy sea. ZZZZZZZZZZ.....

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, September 6, 2002]

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