Red (in the face and) Crab(by)

I had long wanted to try Red Crab Seafood and Steaks in the Tomas Morato area but never got around to doing so. Fate, probably, had wanted to keep me away but I had to insist so last August 3, we found ourselves eating at Red Crab, in their Remedios, Malate branch.

For all the glowing reviews and features I have read on this resto, there was nothing really outstanding about it. The appetizer was good (some beef and shrimp salpicao, I think) and the chowder was okay. They didn't have any of the dishes with crab meat in them (all that was available were the whole, more expensive crabs)like the pastas so that was really a disappointment. No crab meat ready yet in a place called Red Crab?

Add to that the place's staff not being too familiar with what they had and didn't have. Like the milk shakes and the ice cream. The waiters had to go back and forth to tell us that: "Sorry, we don't have chocolate. Or sorry, we don't have strawberry..."

The sansrival was likewise not buttery enough and the texture didn't really make you feel as if the layers had meshed together. Oh well, it's really so hard to find an eating place you would keep coming back to. As for the places that have us coming back again and again, let me organize my list first for a future entry.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 28, 2002]

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