Serado na ang Senado

By the power vested in me as an irate, tax-paying, forever-stuck-in-traffic Filipino citizen, I declare the abolition of the Senate effective today.(Strains of "Bakya mo Nene(ng)" play in the background now.)

Doesn't jolt you anymore, does it? Why should it? In fact the question should be why did it take this long?

Just the other day, we thought that the administration and opposition senators had finally come to terms. They were all over radio saying that we would finally have a "working Senate." A day passes and I ask, working to do what? Have the collective blood pressure of the nation shoot to unprecedented heights?

Enough is enough. I've had it. You senators don't exist at all. None of you will get any votes from me in the future - even if you run as kagawad.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, August 1, 2002]

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