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On Monday, July 22, President GMA will again deliver her State of the Nation Address. I wonder what gimmicks (remember those paper boats last year?) she has up her sleeve this year? Already, the opposition (will I ever live to see the day when we will all be united? I seriously doubt it...) has already delivered its own SONA. The militant groups are poised to rally on Monday. Is it any wonder we can't do better? We can't even work together.

We all wish for peace and progress for the Philippines. We hope that there will be an end to poverty, floods, three-hour rides to places thirty minutes away, graft and corruption, terrorism, kidnapping, petty and other crimes. We pray that we don't hear about hold-ups from people we actually know. We yearn for days when we don't worry about our kids too much when they're away or even when they're right next to us, sleeping or holding our hand.

A job for every Filipino in his own country. Access to good education for every kid. Work honestly and you will have everything you need. I wonder too if I will live to see the day when all of these statements shall ring true.

Then again, hope springs eternal. Just read and heard about Adamson University's recent win in the UAAP basketball tournament. So, what's so interesting about that? Well, they finally broke their 2 year losing streak where they had a string of 29 straight losses. Imagine that? I bet you those players had 100% Pinoy blood in them. It's easy to play when you know you're going to win but how do you continue to stay in the game when you know you'll suffer loss after loss after loss? Difficult, right? Difficult yes, but possible... and laudable.

So SONA or no SONA, and whatever they all say in their own versions of the SONA,we should be and are in the game for the long-haul. With hope and determination, victory, in time, shall be ours...

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, July 19, 2002]

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