Understand, Now I Do

Now I know why Master Yoda speaks that way. Try fighting Count Dookoo (is this the correct spelling?) the way he did and see if all that twirling and turning (at such speed) don't get the words all jumbled up in your head.

Anyway, now I know too why it was called "Attack of the Clones." After so many Star Wars movies, the story can get pretty tiring and another film starts to look and sound just like the other. I don't know about you but I found the latest movie quite boring. I even enjoyed Phantom Menace more. Not even that fight scene with Yoda could save the movie...

As the moviegoer behind us said: "Ano ba yan? Salita nang salita. Walang aksyon. Di tulad ng Spiderman." (Rough translation: All talk, no action. Not like Spiderman).

Proof of the movie's ineffectiveness (or probably my son's lack of attention due to boredom, perhaps? But he did like the movie...) is when Adi asked me while we were in the car on our way home: "Where do they" (referring to the Jedi)"keep their LIFE SAVER?" Well, the light sabre does save lives...

All in all, the movie was really a disappointment. Makes me look back to the time before we entered the moviehouse when my husband jokingly suggested that we watch "Akala Mo" instead. Maybe it wasn't a joke. Maybe we should have just junked the Jedi and watch Juday instead.

Just kidding...

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, May 27, 2002]

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