Mother's Minutes

It was Mother's Day yesterday but I bet, most mothers, still really didn't spend much time doing things for themselves but went through their day caring for their families. It's just in their nature, I suppose.

Going about the things we usually do as mothers can be pretty tiring. When your kid remembers you on Mother's Day though, "tiring" just goes flying out the window. Adi brought me flowers yesterday, pretty, light purple ones. It came with a note, scribbled in Adi's perfect handwriting. He even asked me to close my eyes as he brought out his surprise. Where'd he get the money? From his lola...He had originally planned to just pick some flowers from the park (yes, there still are some flowers left to this day) but they wilt too fast so there was a change in plans.

Belated happy mother's day to all the mothers out there. We may get real busy from all the mothering we do from day to day but don't you think every minute is worth it?

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, May 13, 2002]

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