Changing Diapers, Changing the World

I just turned 35 last weekend. Suddenly, I remember a conversation I had with my husband's friend about what people our age should be doing. The dialogue went something like this:

"At this age," (my hubby's friend referring to the mid-thirties, I suppose) "we should be doing great things. Things that will change the world."

"Raise your kids properly," I retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...that's from a mother's point of view..."

Come to think of it, don't mothers (and fathers too) know best? By raising our kids properly, we hope that our children will be productive and caring members of society. That they will have their hearts in the right place. How do we do that? No rules here. We just do as we are guided.

So, if this on-line journal goes on the blink (meaning there are no entries) more often these days, remember, I keep watch over two kids now. A missed column means I'm doing something great like - changing diapers, I mean, the world.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, March 26, 2002]

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