Seizing the Moment

Dead Poets Society was one movie I throroughly enjoyed when I saw it. "Carpei Diem," or seize the day - the character played by Robin Williams would spout. Well, "seizing the moment" might as well be one's motto when dealing with a baby - or life, I suppose.

Babies sleep a lot. In between naps and wakefulness, we parents have to give them their vitamins, give them a bath, and do all those necessary things which our little ones probably abhor. So, when I see Ali's eyes open for a few minutes - I start setting up and get on my way. We have to accomplish things quickly.

Babies teach us about life endlessly. We have to be constantly on the look-out, for eyes wide-open. For opportunities which might zip by. Don't get caught snoozing...

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, March 12, 2002]

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