Unwrap-able Gifts

Barring the fact that you are Scrooge, you must have received some (probably not as much due to difficult times but I'm quite sure you received a few) gifts this Christmas.

My husband and kid were talking the other day and my husband asked Adi: "What's your New Year's gift for me?"

My kid was probably caught by surprise, he could only reply: "Nothing."

My husband then said: "Can't you give me a kiss and a hug?" (which is the usual gift that Adi states when he knows he can't give anything material)

Adi then replied: "But I cannot wrap those..." (Commercialism has taken its toll?)

Husband calmly responds: "But not all gifts need to be wrapped..."

Come to think of it, the best gifts are those which can't be contained in nice boxes or glossy wrappers. So, start the year 2002 with an attitude of gratitude. Say thank you for all the gifts you have received, particularly the unwrap-able ones.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, January 4, 2002]

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