Food, Nothing But Food

"Can we buy Jesus a cake for His birthday?" my thoughtful, loving son asked me a few days before Christmas. I was happy, of course, that he remembered what Christmas was all about and that he even wanted to give something which he thought was a staple for anyone celebrating a birthday.

Speaking of cakes, are you tired of all that food during the holidays? If you're a Filipino, most likely, you've been doing nothing but eat, day in, day out. Oh well, we can always diet as soon as the season ends come January 6. That means continuous non-stop eating for more than a week.

With all the food before us, I hope we don't forget to feed our spirits as well. Pray. Take time to reflect. Remember the Child Whose birth we celebrate and Who came to give us the gift of life eternal. Advanced happy new year everyone! May the year 2002 be better for all of us.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, December 26, 2001]

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