Just Do It

Yesterday, government and business leaders came together for a National Socio-Economic Summit. Improving the peace and order situation was high on the agenda as it was heavily tied to being able to prevent an economic downturn that could further aggravate poverty.

President Arroyo has vowed that this will be different from other summits in the past. She says the government will accomplish within a six month period what it said it would accomplish.

I was listening to the radio though, and they were quoting some cabinet secretaries as saying that they were willing to resign if ever they failed to deliver what President Arroyo has promised. I beg to disagree but their resignation is not the issue here. If we think we can resign if we fail to accomplish our previously set targets, then there's always a way out. People who think this way are doomed to fail. There should be no choice. No alternative. You have got to make things work.

This reminds me of what Yoda once said: "There is no try. Just do." I wish our political leaders would take this to heart.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, December 11, 2001]

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