Big and Small

It has almost been a week since we've had Lobsie, my son's pet fortune lobster. Last night, I chanced upon my husband and my son feeding Lobsie his daily dose of pellets.

Adi then looked at me and urged me to pet Lobsie. "Pet Lobsie, Mommy. Touch his pincers." Unconvinced by my son's surprising vocabulary (did you know the word pincers when you were 5? I didn't), I told him: "No. I'm scared." I didn't really relish the idea of touching Lobsie. My son then said: "But he's so small and you're so big."

Still, I didn't let my son trick me into touching some living creature against my will. My son was proud though that even if he touched Lobsie's pincers, Lobsie didn't hurt him because "he knows me."

Oh well, he's my son's pet so I'll let him be. As for me, I'd really much prefer a dog.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, December 7, 2001]

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