Escape from Sobrabore

My son Adi now has a pet fortune lobster. He won it at a fun birthday party that he attended sometime last week. Adi named his pet Lobsie.

We bought Lobsie a small fishbowl the day we got him and some flakes to feed him. When I observed him that night though, he seemed to be quite lethargic and hardly moved. Before I went to bed, I checked on him and he seemed more active - moving around and I got the impression that he was trying to feel his way around his small bowl.

My husband slept late that night. At about 2 am, he was ready for bed and at about that time, I woke up. I asked him: "Is Lobsie still in the bowl?" My hubby checked on Lobsie and I thought he was kidding when he said Lobsie was gone. There was a fortune lobster on the loose at 2 am in our bedroom!

We found him in a few minutes, walking around the floor (though it looked like stalking to me, the way he was walking) and we put him in a larger container. Apparently, our bowl was too small.

It can be pretty boring just staying in a bowl all day so I can't blame Lobsie. Now that he's in a bigger container, he hasn't managed to escape again. They say fortune lobsters are low-maintenance pets. I guess those who said that never had to look for one in the wee hours of the morning.

Let's see how long he'll last.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, December 4, 2001]

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