Having Zero

In one of my son's activity sheets from school, the concept of sharing, was presented. My husband then tried to explain sharing or fairness to him by giving him some situational examples.

To illustrate, my husband said: "If we had 6 candies and Mommy said that Daddy and Adi should share the candies, how many candies will you give Daddy?" Adi understood the concept of sharing quite easily and so he answered 3. The conversation went on for quite awhile with 4 candies and 2 candies and Adi answering correctly each time.

Then my husband decided to test Adi with this question: "What if there was only one candy?" Waiting eagerly for the answer, my husband was pleasantly surprised when Adi replied: "You'll have one and I'll have zero."

Smart kid. Generous too. If we adults would only learn from kids.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, September 16, 2001]

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