Three Kids, With Trips

I am now on my 3rd month (going on 4th) of pregnancy and my first child, Adi, is excited like crazy about his coming sibling. He's batting for two more babies though as he wants a sister and a brother. Every evening, he prays: "Thank you for our baby and for our other baby, next time." Talk about visualization.

Having a kid takes a lot of effort and that is the understatement of a lifetime. Make that all lifetimes possible. Raising a kid takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Not that we're complaining. Adi has been such a joy, we've gotten back an infinite amount of returns compared to whatever we've put in. So, four years after, we feel we're now ready to go through that cycle again. For now, though, I think, two will be enough.

Adi doesn't think so though. He says he'll take care of the second baby, feed him/her, and send him/her to school. Where he'll get the money, he doesn't know. Anyway, trying to convince him that two kids (including himself) would be enough, I asked him earlier today: "Adi, what do you like? Two kids, with trips or three kids, with no trips?" Adi's reply? "I like three kids, with trips."

He has his mind set. We'll see if we'll change ours.

PS. Wondered what happened to this column last night? Manuel is still sick and I'm also feeling a bit under the weather. Will try to keep this up daily though, from now on. Keep visiting.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, September 1, 2001]

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