Jollibee Galleria Needs to Shape Up

This particular branch of Jollibee accidentally spilled pineapple juice on my son once. The busboy was in such a hurry to clear our table (though we weren't hurrying him up) that he hit a glass of unfinished juice and sent the liquid spilling all over my son's shorts. The crew member and the store manager did offer their apologies but we weren't in the mood anymore to order and eat. I even had to buy my son a new pair of shorts as we had other things to do in the mall.

It has been some time since we last returned. Today, I was hungry for a mid-morning snack before going to the grocery. We stopped by that Jollibee branch again (out of convenience) and we saw that the Batman Kiddie Meal toys were still there. My husband asked first if Batman and Penguin were available before placing his order. The girl at the counter said yes so we settled for the chicken and spaghetti kiddie meals so we could get my son the remaining toys.

How long does it take to claim a kiddie meal toy? Long enough for me to have finished my spaghetti. When my husband went to claim the toys, he was told that they were all out of Penguin. He then argued that the girl at the counter told him the toys were available and that was the reason why we ordered the kiddie meals in the first place. My husband then suggested that he just get the Penguin on display but the girl decided to check in the stock room first whether there were really no new ones available. This took forever. In the end, my husband did end up getting the Penguin on display but we already missed the chance to have our meal together. Also, there doesn't seem to be any coordination between the girl at the food order counter and the girl at the toy claim area. Talk about customer service.

Oh well, guess it will be some time before I return there again.

Speaking of time, I will be on a business trip for a few days. Hubby Manuel, will thus be taking over this space for awhile.

Readers, brace yourselves. Just kidding, prepare to be inspired, entertained, informed. Manuel's pretty interesting and that's an understatement.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, August 25, 2001]

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