Barely Made It

It's now past 10 and for a minute there, I really thought I wasn't going to write anything tonight. The writing part of my brain is almost half asleep as I am pooped from attending to a hundred and one concerns earlier in the day up to a few minutes ago. My son's sitter will be going home to the province for more than a week to attend to a family matter so tonight was filled with clarifications on schedules, to do's, and plans on how to get by in the next two weeks.

Credit it to pride. I didn't want to miss a day for this journal this early. I've only been writing for more than a week daily although it's beginning to feel like I've been doing it for a longer time. It wasn't as easy as I thought either.

Anyway, I made it. Thanks for reading.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, August 13, 2001]

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