Thursday, February 27, 2003

A funny thing happened on the way to the teller this afternoon at one of the local banks in the Philippines. There was a line of depositors, at the head of which was a guy who seemed to have the eye on this rather attractive woman behind him.


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Monday, February 24, 2003

Was playing the first few seconds of Ever After when it occurred to me that hey, Seven was right! This really is about Cinderella. (I thought the title was just 'Ever After' see?) What an intriguing mushy movie, I thought. Now if only I had the time to completely watch it. Maybe tomorrow, during the EDSA I Revolution holiday? [more]

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Here are links to some pencam photos taken during Ali's 1st birthday party... (and also a few days before) [more]

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The Last Castle (Robert Redford) held the attention of my friend Noel better than One Hour Photo. I watched it mainly because I was curious about how Robert Redford would win over the "warden" of the prison/castle.

The "action" was so-so, the twists in the storyline will make your heart gallumph a bit, and the pep talks of Robert Redford may inspire you (if you like to join the service).

The ending will make you think, though, about Redford's true motivations. Have a beer with friends and you'll end up with as many explanations of why what happened actually happened.

Anyway, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Try not to think too much. ;-) [more]

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Got interested in One Hour Photo (Robin Williams) after hearing mixed reviews. My dad likes the ending, my friend Noel found the pace too slow, while Angel read nothing but bad reviews (except for the acting of Robin Williams).

Robin Williams plays Sy Parrish, a photo tech guy at Sav-Mart who takes his job seriously. Very seriously. He develops the photos of the Yorkin family, and ends up getting quite attached to them. Listen carefully to the dialogue and you'll most likely enjoy the ending.

(Oh, if you're like Noel, you'll probably enjoy The Last Castle (Robert Redford) more...) [more]

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