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Are you wondering if you can succeed with AIMGlobal? Here's the step-by-step blueprint of AIMGlobal success.

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First of all, are you an employee who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, except that you don't seem to have extra time to realize your dream?

Well, things are about to change, with the help of the AIMGlobal Blogging Team (AGBT).

You probably have some idea about Alliance in Motion or AIM Global Marketing where you make money by attracting people to consume health and wellness products.

Some marketing trainors will tell you that all you have to do, as an AIMGlobal Distributor, is to invite people to attend the AIMGlobal Opportunity Plan presentation.

The thing is... do you have the time?

The AGBT Success Plan

All you have to do is join the AIMGlobal Blogging Team (AGBT), and then send (at most) one email a week which answers the following easy questions:

1. Who or What
2. When
3. Where
4. How
5. Why

The topic: Any product or service that you find interesting.

For example, let's say that you eat in a restaurant and that you liked the food and/or the service. Here's what you will email the AGBTeam:

1. Who / What - Who is the owner? What is the name of the restaurant?
2. When did you eat there? What time is it open?
3. Where is it located?
4. How do you get there? How do you get in touch with the resto (for reservations)?
5. Why do you like the resto (e.g., name of specific dishes that you liked).

That's it! :-)

Remember, it's a maximum of one email a week. If you're too busy and can only send one email a month, that's perfectly fine.

What the AIMGlobal Blogging Team Will Do For You

Done For You - Transform your email into a 100-word blog post.

Done For You - Publish that blog post online.

Done For You - Acknowledge you as the source of the basic info for that blog post.

Done For You - Invite the readers of that helpful blog post to learn more about AIMGlobal.

Done For You - Promote that blog post so that more people will get to read it.

Done For You - Advanced marketing campaigns that will attract your entrepreneurial readers who are interested in joining YOUR AIM Global team.

It Is So Easy!

No need to suffer rejection. Plus, you get to keep your friends, and you even improve your relationship with your family and loved ones.

People will be happy to see you, because you are no longer bugging them about AIMGlobal.

It will be webpages that will promote AIMGlobal for you. It will be online marketing systems that will attract interested AIMGlobal product consumers to you.

And that's how you make money, even if you have so little time, or even if you're not a techie.

All You Need To Do Is Email

As you can see, it is so easy, thanks to a Team Effort.

Remember, you don't need to do everything yourself. All you need is to share the basic facts of your favorable experiences with various products or services.

Then, the AIMGlobal Blogging Team helps you publish and promote that information online. This attracts interested readers, who will appreciate YOU because of the useful info that they saw on the web.

And when people appreciate YOU, some of them will even want to support YOUR business at AIMGlobal.

How To Become An AIMGlobal Distributor

The investment is only P7,980 (price subject to change without prior notice).

To save time, please budget a total of P8,980 to cover shipping of your products, and to apply for your ATM card (so you don't have to line-up in the AIM Global head office just to get your earnings or commissions).

Remember, it's much better to make money and still have the TIME to enjoy your blessings! :-)

For more info, please send email to:

How the AIMGlobal Marketing BT System Works

You are experiencing for yourself the power of successful online publishing. Right here. Right now.

How did you land on this webpage? Did we ask you to come here?

We didn't bug you, annoy you, make you kulit, or force you to come and read this page.

We didn't randomly approach you in the mall, we didn't corner you in the office canteen, we didn't ambush you in your office cubicle.

We didn't take up your time in church, we didn't suddenly strike up a conversation with you inside an FX or jeep or bus.

We didn't call you up, and neither did we hand you a flyer.

And yet... Here you are! :-)

After giving numerous blogging training to thousands of Filipinos, we often hear the same issues:

"I don't know how to write."
"Hindi po ako techie."
"I don't have time to blog."

Well... all you have to do now is join the AIMGlobal Blogging Team (AGBT) and then send (at most) just one email containing the basic facts.

The blogging and online marketing will then be done for you by the AGBT, because your success is the entire team's success.

Since that's a maximum of one email a week, or four a month, the time will eventually come when you will want and even have the time to publish more blog posts a week.

When that time comes, the AGBT will provide you FREE training online on Effective Blogging and Profitable Online Marketing so that you can become even more successful.

Can you now see how you can truly make this work for you?

Join the AIMGlobal Blogging Team today!

YES! I Want To Succeed With the AIMGlobal Blogging Team!

Type in your reliable email address above, get your FREE info, and discover how a maximum of just ONE email a week can help you become successful.

[ First posted on 09/18/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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