Affordable Mobile Internet from SMART

SMART brings you their "Always On" mobile internet plan!

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Imagine, for as low as just P10/day, you can simply pay only for what you use. For example, P300 gives you 30 days' mobile internet usage, with a monthly cap of 250 MB.

What does 250 MB worth of mobile internet for P300 give you?

  • 15,000 emails sent/received (no attachments), or
  • 15,000 social media posts with photos uploaded, or
  • 15,000 webpages viewed, or
  • 1,500 minutes of streaming video, or
  • 300 apps/games/songs downloaded, or
  • 300 hours streaming music, or
  • 1,500,000 tweets

Yes, this is a volume-based or per kilobyte charging type of mobile internet plan.

SMART ALWAYS ON Mobile Internet Plans

To subscribe, simply text any of the following highlighted terms to 2200

ON 25 - costs P25, gives you 25 MB, valid for 1 day
ON 30 - costs P30, gives you 50 MB, valid for 1 day
ON 300 - costs P300, gives you 250 MB, valid for 30 days
ON 500 - costs P500, gives you 500 MB, valid for 30 days
ON 750 - costs P750, gives you 1 GB, valid for 30 days
ON 995 - costs P995, gives you 2 GB, valid for 30 days

This is available on: SMART Prepaid, SMART Postpaid, and SMART Bro

A P1.00 maintaining balance is required, and concurrent availment of ALWAYS ON packages is allowed.

To inquire volume consumed, text BAL to 2200

Also, please note that once your ALWAYS ON package is fully consumed, the standard P10 / 30 minutes mobile internet charging will apply.

I sent ON 20 to 2200 and got this confirmation SMS text: "You have successfully registered to Volumne Dataplan 25 MB pakcage. Please consume by 24Jul 08:18"

Then another incoming SMS text message: "Upon expiration of your volume subscription, standard rate of P10 for 30mins shall apply. Thank you."

Will post results of this test soon...

In the meantime, have fun trying out the affordable mobile internet plan from SMART! :-)

[ First posted on 07/23/2011 by Manuel Viloria ]

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