Prayers for Children

More and more parents are praying for their children, or are teaching their children how to pray.

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With moms and dads busy with their career and office work, when will you find the time to help your children pray? Wouldn't it be great if you could find a source of children's prayers online?

This is a collection of that you can pray together with your children. Either you, as the parent, can pray these silently (or out loud, in front of your kids), or you can also choose which ones you would like your son or daughter to recite before they go to sleep at night.

We are building a database of prayers right now, and you will notice that the focus is on gratitude and positive things. For example, instead of prayers that sound like "please protect my child from [list of scary things]..." you'll find: "Thank You for keeping my child healthy and safe."

Relax. The prayers are not too long, and they're very easy to recite. This will help you bond more closely with your children...

Among the prayers that we have online at the moment are:

  • Prayer for Obedience
  • Prayer for My Children
  • Prayer for Discipline
  • Prayer for My Family
  • Prayer for My Parents
  • Prayer for My Friends
  • Prayer for My Exam

Check out Prayers for Children today! :-)

[ First posted on 12/01/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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