Do you want to slim down your love handles in one afternoon without a single incision? Try CryoSculpt.

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You've probably heard about this in Oprah or Rachel Ray, and the good news is CryoSculpt is now available in Manila.

This non-invasive treatment uses the ZELTIQ advanced cooling technology to get rid of fat cells and shrink bulges in certain areas of your body. So if you want to spot reduce fat bulges (and diet or exercise hasn't quite helped you as much as you want), then CryoSculpt will help you shrink your abdominal fat, love handles, or even back fat.

How CryoSculpt Works

Controlled and precise cooling weakens fat cells, thus making them smaller and irregularly shaped. In this state, your body's normal metabolic processes will gently eliminate those fat cells. Cryolipolisis uses slowly-delivered cold air to basically zap your fat cells.

Based on Zeltiq advanced cooling technology research, Dr. Dieter Manstein (interesting name, right?) says that fat cells are naturally vulnerable to "controlled cold exposure."

Some clinical studies show that in just one treatment, clients have experienced an average of 22.4% fat layer reduction. Imagine that, just one treatment and people have seen a noticeable reduction of fat bulges.

In other words, if you have around 100 lbs of fat, that's 22.4 lbs of fat reduced from your targeted area. And if that area is around your abdomen or waist, imagine how much better your clothes will fit.

Is CryoSculpt Just a Scam?

To see is to believe. Just go ahead and try it and share your experience with your friends in Facebook and online. :-)

Approved by Health Canada and the European Union

Remember, this is non-invasive fat layer reduction which involves only the cooling and shrinking of fat cells. You will feel (for just a few minutes) a cooling sensation in the treated areas. This means you have practically zero downtime because you can return to your usual activities right after your one- or two-hour session.

There may be some numbing sensation, and the redness may last for about one hour.

Is CryoSculpt For Everyone?

No, it is not. The system requires a certain amount of body fat. If there isn't enough skin and fat, how can the machine be connected? That's why you need to consult first.

Would you like a free consultation?
If you're in the Philippines, simply call 894-BODY (894-2639)

Do you want to resculpt your body just the way you want it? Spot by spot, area by area, shrink your tummy fat and remove inches from your waistline today. Try CryoSculpt at Marie France now (Makati, Ortigas, Tomas Morato, Binondo, Alabang, Shaw, Congressional, Pampanga, Cebu).
[ First posted on 06/08/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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