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The simple truth is, you'll never get rich selling an MLM opportunity.

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You might have heard success stories of how this former janitor was able to build a fantastic house, but the cold truth is you will never achieve long-term success if you focus on selling the opportunity. What I mean by opportunity is, for example, the First Vita Plus marketing or business opportunity.

Here's the bottomline: People hate selling.

Or if they don't hate, they believe they simply cannot do it. You'll often hear: "I'm not a salesperson."

If the people under you are unable to sell over the long-term, what will happen to your FVP earnings? Do you think you can earn forever? How long do you think you'll keep making money?

You can succeed in network marketing or MLM if you have a constant stream of hot prospects. If you only do the usual face-to-face type of marketing where you run after your friends, classmates, neighbors, family and relatives, or even officemates, then you will run out of people to make your presentation to.

Attention all First Vita Plus Distributors: There is a way for you to attract a lot of people who are interested in your product.

But wait... Before you go off and start advertising the product or the "business opportunity", you need to sit down and think about what exactly you're going to offer to people.

Here's a hint: People are not interested in your product.

Well, at least not right away, that is. Perhaps they will ask about your product... over time.

For now, however, people want and need something. And that's what you'll give to them.

So, what exactly do people want from FVP distributors? To find out, subscribe to the free tutorial available at and you will know what other successful network marketers are doing...

[ First posted on 05/31/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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