Membership Cube Tactic

Did you like the previous Membership Cube tip? You'll enjoy another tactic that will help you make money online with the help of your own WordPress-powered membership sites.

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Similar to the previous Membership Cube tip, this next tactic also involves timing.

When you use the WordPress Drip plugin, you must ensure that your blog posts are spaced at least 24 hours apart. In other words, if blog post number 1 is dated January 1, 2010 (4:30AM), your next blog post should be dated January 2, 2010 (4:31AM).

Please note the differences in the publication TIME. The approach assumes you are planning to drip content at the rate of one blog post a day.

Notice, however, that there might be cases where your first blog post time is 4:30:56 (56th second), while the next is 4:31:02 (2nd second). In that case, it will appear that the second blog post was published a little less than 24 hours after the first post.

Does that now mean you should time your blog posts every two minutes?

That can be quite confusing, especially if you build a 30-post membership site. Why not try this Membership Cube tactic instead...

Deliver your posts every other day, instead of every day.

You can leave your blog posts at the same time (i.e., 4:30AM) and rest assured that your blog posts are at least one day apart. In addition, you'll give your members a breather since they don't have to "learn something new" every single day. Say goodbye to information overload, right?

I hope you enjoyed this Membership Cube tactic. Here's to your success in building your own membership sites, and may you make more money from the web in the coming weeks. :-)

[ First posted on 04/29/2010 by Manuel Viloria ]

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