Twitter Rocket Surprise

The Twitter Rocket affiliate program has a nifty surprise. The merchant, Ashley Morgan, is going to practically do all the work for a special affiliate.

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What this means is he will do practically all the steps in his "build your followers in Twitter" program for that lucky affiliate (who must occasionally publish a normal/regular tweet every now and then), and in six months' time (or by January 31, 2010), that affiliate will be earning a six-figure income.

Yes, Ashley Morgan practically promises to do what it takes to help that lucky affiliate sell 6 copies of the Twitter Rocket each day. Let's do the math...

The TR ebook costs $97, and each affiliate will earn $47 for every referred sale. At six sales a day, that's $282 daily, or $8,460 a month, or $101,520 a year. And there's the six-figure income.

Will it work? Well, it has to. Ashley Morgan is putting his reputation on the line, and is going to publicly prove that his Twitter Rocket method works. Imagine that... up to 1,000 new Twitter followers each week. And with the $97 Twitter Rocket ebook being promoted, up to $282 in affiliate commissions each day (after a six-month preparation period).

And the "almost too good to be true" part about it is, you can become an affiliate for free. All you need to do is be the first to comment in Ashley's blog this Friday (I don't know what time he will publish his July 31 blog post), and you will be "the chosen one."

I think Ashley is in the UK, so the earliest time he can publish on July 31, Friday is at 00:00:01am (GMT+1, or British Summer Time). In the Philippines, that would be a nanosecond right after 7am on Friday morning, because Manila time is GMT+8.

I just hope his site doesn't go down, though, if thousands of people keep refreshing his homepage. Perhaps his webhost will help him prepare for that event by increasing the RAM of their MySQL server, for example. If they rely on WordPress cache plugins, things might get complicated.

To my blogger friends: If ever you win as Ashley's chosen affiliate, I will help promote you. Of course I want you to succeed in internet marketing! I want you to experience what it's like to make money online.

Remember, joining is free. You don't even have to buy Twitter Rocket. Just be the first to comment and Ashley will do all the work for you, to silence his critics and detractors once and for all as he proves to the public that his system flat out works.

Did you get that? There's no learning curve. There's no need to read the ebook and ask for more info, because the author himself will tap his vast knowledge and experience in order to practically hand you success on a $101,520 silver platter. How cool is that, right?

The affiliate marketing world is in for an exciting treat over the coming six months because of this bold move by Ashley Morgan. Have fun and be successful! Be the first to comment on Friday, okay? :-)

UPDATE: We're now waiting for Ashley to announce who the lucky future six-figure affiliate is. In the meantime, please check out the details of the Twitter Rocket.

[ First posted on 07/28/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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